Our Story


As a lifelong event-goer, I've always enjoyed selecting my event-day outfit. However, with the evolving clear bag policy, I began to hear a common thread of concern from many ladies at tailgates and pre-event festivities.

Women expressed how it can be uncomfortable to carry feminine products in a clear purse, or to expose personal items prescription medications to crowds of people.

On top of all these insecurities, one thing everyone agreed upon was that a cluttered clear bag did not complement a meticulously planned outfit.

 Caitie G

To think… we invest so much money in tickets, and often equally as much in our event-day outfits, only to have a clear bag undermine our confidence in more ways than one.

Caitie G™ aims to eliminate event-day insecurities! Our bags adhere to the integrity of the clear bag policy while also protecting your privacy… because your purse, is your privacy™.

❤️ Caitie G™ acknowledges the purpose and importance behind the Clear Bag Policy, which is why we are committed to keeping our base clear bag designs security gate compliant. Always check with your venue for their specific policies, as every venue may be a little different.