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Caitie G Bags

Black - Caitie G Event Day Purse

Black - Caitie G Event Day Purse

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Full Set - includes clear bag + wrap + strap

Wrap + Strap - does not include clear bag (compatible only with Caitie G bags)

Smooth, faux leather

Clear PVC Bag

Wrap & matching strap included

Silver hardware

52” adjustable strap

Clear bag: 9.5” x 6.5” x 0.75”

Bag with wrap: 11.5” x 7” x 1.5”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
kelly Zimdars
Great customer service

Absolutely fantastic customer service.
And I love the bag!

Carrie Gehlhausen
Genius product!

This is a genius product! I bought this for my daughter and she LOVES it! She is going to be ordering extra wraps to use for different events she is attending throughout the year. Great job!

Mackenzie Hanna
BUY IT!!!!

My mom has been complaining about purse policies and not having something to bring or enough room in the options she does have. I bought this for her birthday. Before she opened it she kept telling me "You shouldn't have gotten me anything!" and the second she opened it she was literally like "NEVERMIND OH MY GOSH THIS IS AMAZING I LOVE THIS SO MUCH." And now she wants to buy me one! It's so cute and nice I would use it to go out too.

Lynn Walsh

Love it! It’s so easy to use when going into events. Love how quickly I can take on and off the cover. Definitely is a “must have” and so glad I got one.

Mary Anderson
Great bag - finally some privacy!

What a great idea. I recently used the bag when attending March Madness basketball games. I had no issues at security. I just held the outside cover in my hand and then reattached it once I got through security. I loved the privacy during the games. But I really loved that after the game when we went out for a drink, I could just lay my bag on the table/bar and no one could see the contents. Thanks for making this bag!